We're Brandy and Matt, and we photograph everything!

Brandy has an eye for style, and Matt likes the candid moments

For Brandy, her father put a camera in her hand when she was 6 years old, and it became a permanent extension of herself. Rarely is she seen without a camera. She has an eye for stylized, posed images and sees the beauty in her surroundings.

Matt started his interest in high school, and enjoyed developing his own film. He prefers natural settings and candid, unpredictable moments.

Together, they make a great team in life, love and business.


Fact 1

Brandy was born in Arizona, and has lived in 7 states along both coastlines of the United States.


Fact 2

Brandy has been taking pictures for as long as she could hold a camera, so photography is second nature.


Fact 3

Matt is like his photography. He enjoys the unplanned simple pleasures of life - being with friends, good food, and nice views.


Fact 4

Matt will do anything for a laugh, and if he's there he will distract you from the camera!


Sooooo I have this friend who is absolutely amazing!!!!!! She did Keagan’s graduation pictures and then some of the boys together. Thank you thank you so much Brandy Louey. If you’re in or around Vancouver, WA and need photos Brandy is your person to see!!!!

Samantha Wilson